• Feeling confident knowing that you have a canine partner who can consistently work at peak performance and is always fit for duty 
  • Helping your canine partner reach top physical condition so that he or she can work more effectively and efficiently in challenging environments 
  • Knowing how to design a training program that minimizes the chance of injury while increasing the likelihood of a long and productive working career 
  • Having a working canine that performs better under pressure with more strength, focus and stamina  

This is what’s waiting for you in our online Mission Ready K9 (MRK9) Program. This certificate program consists of three online courses that are designed to inform the selection, training and maintenance of the working canine.  

Reaching Peak Performance through Canine Fitness is the first course designed for individuals who want to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills that are needed to create a canine conditioning program that leads to a stronger, faster, more agile and better-conditioned dog that excels in various types of working conditions.  

The Mission Ready K9

The MRK9 Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of police, military and SAR canine handlers; however, other individuals involved in the working dog world can also benefit. Following is an overview of the components of the Reaching Peak Performance through Canine Fitness online course. 

This course has been carefully designed to provide you with an uncommon level of support and guidance that speaks to the specific needs of the protection, patrol and scent detection working canine. 


  • Enhance and improve working ability through canine fitness 
  • Conduct a “Mission Ready Risk Assessment,” which will help you determine your dog’s level of readiness for work 
  • Design and implement a canine fitness program that helps your dog reach peak performance while minimizing the chance of injury 
  • Implement, manage and maintain Mission Ready canine fitness 
  • Maintain readiness during and after deployment while meeting the physical and emotional needs of the working canine
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One of the greatest assets for working dog handlers who are providing services to support and protect our communities is having an operational canine that is working to its fullest potential.  

From patrol and narcotics detection work to searching for human remains and explosives, these dogs provide essential services that cannot be replicated by any human or machine. Because of this, it’s imperative that our working canines maintain peak physical condition and are always fit for duty so that they can assist us in saving and protecting lives when we need them most.  

Because of the essential work that these dogs provide, I am fully committed to assisting both you and your canine partner in reaching your fullest working potential. 


The following is an overview of what's covered in the first of three online Mission Ready K9 courses. The components of this course have been carefully designed to provide you with an uncommon level of support and guidance from me, Erica Boling, as well as my entire Northeast K9 Conditioning team.

As a working dog canine handler, your success is dependent upon having the knowledge and skills to develop a successful canine fitness program that allows your dog to reach and maintain peak performance. Your program must… 

  • Be carefully and safely designed to get the results you want
  • Be grounded in research and science so that your dog can reach peak performance while minimizing the chance of injury
  • Have the ability to be modified over time so that you can meet the changing needs of your work and your dog
  • Incorporate key elements that have been proven to lead to success  


This course introduces the importance of canine fitness and how to maintain an operational canine that consistently works at peak performance. Some of the topics that are covered include the five essential components for maintaining a Mission Ready K9, how to conduct the MRK9 Risk Assessment, exercises for enhancing working ability and how to maintain peak performance while minimizing the risk of injury. 

Program modules consist of the following:  

  • Module 1: Evaluating Mission Readiness 
  • Module 2: Enhancing Working Ability 
  • Module 3: Maintaining Peak Performance

Acquire the confidence, knowledge and skills that you need to positively impact the lives of working canines for years to come by joining the Mission Ready K9 Program! 


Live, virtual group calls provide guidance and support to ensure you have an exceptional course experience. You will have opportunities to engage with your instructor, other students and program alumnae. This is a truly interactive and engaging online experience specifically designed to enhance your learning. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Get This Course TODAY for only $197.00! (Valued at $497)

Enroll for $197

Group Discounts Available. Email info@northeastk9conditioning.com for details.


Participants in the course will have the opportunity to add on personalized, one-on-one instruction on canine fitness and/or nutrition. While together we will decide what to cover on these calls, there are no topics off limits when it comes to building and implementing an effective canine fitness program.  

Prior to each session you will complete a Coaching Call Recap that quickly updates us on your progress. Then, during the virtual screen-­share session, we will dive in with the intent to identify opportunities, tackle challenges and break through barriers that are keeping you from reaching your next level of success.  

Our one-on-one sessions will provide you with an opportunity to receive personalized support and guidance. You’ll also be given the option of recording each session, providing you with an arsenal of call recordings that you can revisit later.  

Get This Course TODAY for only $197.00! (Valued at $497)

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Erica C. Boling, PhD

Recognized in the working and sport dog community as an expert in conditioning the canine athlete, Erica understands the unique challenges and physical risks that confront our high drive dogs while training for both sport and work. Being an advocate for teaching others how to best meet the needs of the canine athlete, Erica founded both Northeast K9 Conditioning, LLC and Northeast K9 Conditioning Academy. Erica helps owners and handlers create peak performance, canine athletes by teaching them how to integrate canine fitness into their training programs. 

Erica is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT), Certified Canine Massage Provider, member of the United States Federation of Sleddog Sports (USFSS) and a member of their USA National Team. She is also one of the founding members of North Pocono Search, Rescue and Recovery and a retired Associate Professor of Education from Rutgers University. Erica has taught canine fitness to officers at the Atlantic County John “Sonny” Burke K-9 Academy. She also has experience in narcotics detection and has titled her two Belgian Malinois in French Ring.